Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's not much, but I feel a lot better now.

Here's one from when I was at the beach in Puerto Rico. I could use another week on the beach, right about now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrity lookalikes

From MyHeritage.com. Interesting, a few Asian women came up and as far as I know, I don't have any Asian heritage whatsoever.

How about when I'm not smiling?

More Asian women, and Roseanne Barr. Awesome!

Interestingly, the one celebrity who I have been compared with, Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith on Cheers and Frasier), did not come up.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last day in Puerto Rico

So my last day in PR was all fun- first, visited the El Yunque rain forest, and then the beach. The water was warm and the temperature was around 80 degrees, just perfect.

Tree ferns.

Snail sex.

A tiny orchid.

A termite nest, and it's inhabitants.

On the beach. Hell yes!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Puerto Rico goodness

Chocolate covered marzipan. Oh my god...yum!

I *heart* Puerto Rico

I'm here for the week giving talks, catching bugs, and, yes, hanging out on the beach. Yesterday, though, I got to trek around in the forest catching butterflies and generally being a nerdy, over-excited little kid. As I always, I took pictures of the various critters I saw. More later when I get to the visit the El Yunque rainforest preserve.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not above resorting to retail therapy

I love Etsy. All kinds of cool stuff. Today I received a hand-screened hoodie from Ahpeele and a necklace and print from Mary Louise's Treacle. I feel better already.


stars and planets

I wish it was summer, because right now all I want to do is lay in the grass, as flat as I can against the ground, and look at the stars. It's the best way to remind myself of how utterly tiny my little world and all of the perceived problems within it actually are.



Due to an extreme lack of motivation and inspiration I'm currently reduced to typing things like "kickass bug" into Google images to see what comes up. One result was the picture above. I agree.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hurry up, spring break

It's nice a warm day and the sun is shining, but I still feel like I'm running on empty at work today. But come Sunday, this is where I'll be...

San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a meeting and hopefully some time on the beach. And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll be able to catch a few of these...

...for a new little research project I have planned.

Return of the tongue piercing

Way back in grad school, I think around '94 or '95, I got my tongue pierced. It hurt like hell and got completely infected, probably because I didn't know anything about piercings at the time and got it done in a head shop instead of an actual tattoo/piercing place. Luckily I got a better piece of jewelry from my usual tattoo place in Illinois, and some antibiotic samples from a friend whose mom was a doctor, and it finally healed up.

In 2004 I had my cervical spine bolted together, and took out the piercing for a couple of weeks since everything in that area was swollen and I was having trouble breathing. When I tried to put the jewelry back in, I couldn't. Figuring the piercing had grown closed, I gave up and forgot about it. Until this weekend.

Both sides of the hole were still visible on my tongue, so I got the jewelry out, wiggled it around, popped it through a couple of thin layers of tissue and...it's back! Now I just have to get used to having a big piece of metal in my mouth again.