Friday, November 28, 2008

Goodbye noon whistle

The town I grew up in had a huge fire/tornado siren in the parking lot of the city hall, which also happened to be just a few hundred feet from my family's house. The whistle also went off every day, except Sunday, at noon; it was absolutely deafening, and our poor little dog Skipper would howl and bark whenever it went off.

When I came back to visit for T-Day, it was lying in pieces on the ground; dismantled and ready to be disposed of. Apparently my little hometown has grown so much that the whistle is no longer loud enough to alert firefighters who live at the outskirts of town- I suppose pagers are a more efficient solution to that problem.

Above is a picture of the whistle in all of it's former glory, taken from a website that apparently catalogs emergency whistles from all around the country. Funny thing is, I think the credited photographer is my first boyfriend, forever nicknamed "The Antichrist." Not because he was a particularly bad guy but because, well, at the time I dated him he thought he was the antichrist. I knows how to pick 'em.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good thing this usually isn't the case for me

Given my recent blogposts on music and exes, it's obvious that the sentiment on this t-shirt typically doesn't happen for me. The worst that happens is that sometimes I can't listen to a band for a few months after a particularly bad breakup. The memories always fade, however, and I can start enjoying the tunes again without invoking too much negativity.

OK, last thing ever, I swear, on music I was introduced to by men. My good friend in Tucson, J- "I want it ALL" got me into Ween, yet another one of my all time greats. The above video is for one of my fave songs and is typical of their crazy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attn: US Airports

Would it be possible to have just ONE smoking lounge, so I don't have to go outside to smoke and then go through security again? I'm wearing big stompy boots today and taking them off is a big pain in my ass.

Meanwhile, watch this Flintstones'-sponsored cigarette advertisement, from back when we were FREE!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Follow-up to men and music

I can't believe I forgot two of my friends from my undergrad years, J- and "Heavy Metal" T-. T- introduced me to many bands that I probably never would have heard otherwise; Death, Prong and the Melvins, for example. T- is also responsible for introducing me to the R Crumb-edited magazine Weirdo, and thus scarring my brain forever through cartoons with titles like "Nuts On a Plank".

J- however, deserves the ultimate kudos for playing Type O Negative for me for the first time, on a cold, clear winter night when we were both under the influence of mind-altering substances. "Slow, Deep and Hard," Type O's first album, absolutely blew me away on that night, and remains one of my favorite albums of all time. I believe J- also introduced me to Mike Patton's band Mr. Bungle, another all-time favorite.

OK, just remembered there was one more ex during my grad school days, D- "No Nickname Could Possibly Capture the Lameness." He didn't get me into any new music, but he was really into comics and it was through him that I first read "Preacher." I now have the entire series in graphic novel form and it remains one of my favorite comics of all time, right up there with "Watchmen," "Tank Girl" and "Sam and Max."

That's it, finally, I think...

Musical legacies of the men in my life

I've been thinking over the past week how my various exes have introduced me to at least a new band or two. To me, that's a pretty good reward for putting up with all of the other bullshit. So here's a list of some of the contributions to my music library, by boyfriend:

C- "The Antichrist"
C- was big into glam rock which when I was in high school was pretty much anathema (I was into TRUE METAL, and none of that poser crap.) He did increase my appreciation for Mötley Crüe though, and to this day I still crank "Shout at the Devil" when I'm feeling particularly silly. And OMG, is the above video awesome, makes me want to throw up the horns and dance down the hallway!

G- "My First True Love"
G- and I were in a thrash band together, and he turned me on to the amazing one-album band Blind Illusion. This is the band where Les Claypool and Larry Lalonde first met, after which they went on to form Primus. Check out the live video above- holy shit, I love the internet!

"Psycho" J-
This particular Sir Stalks-A-Lot ex introduced me to Frank Zappa. Everything else about him totally sucked. The above video is for the song "Bobby Brown." I don't think that Bobby Brown of New Addition and Married-To-Whitney-Houston fame was aware of this song when he chose his stage name.

C- "The Bastard"
C- liked a lot of stoner doom metal, probably due to the fact that he was a hardcore stoner himself. I first heard of Kyuss through his CD collection; Josh Homme was in this band before joining Queens of the Stone Age.

"Mr." T-
T- actually didn't listen to music much, which is a rarity in my exes. I tend to date guys who are at least as crazy about tunes as I am.

R- "Too Nice for a Snarky Nickname"
R- introduced me to the great Tom Waits. I have some wonderful memories of sitting on his front porch in Tucson, drinking scotch and listening to "Small Change." As our relationship progressed Tom Waits was about the only music that we could both get into, as R- hated metal and I hated jazz and adult contemporary, which made up the remainder of our music collections. Oh wait, one more great band that R- introduced me to is the Mark Lanegan Band (Mark Lanegan has also been in Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age.)

S- "The Bastard in Love"
S- and I shared tons of tunes in common, particularly in the metal genre. Still, I can count Belphegor, Hansel und Gretyl and My Bloody Valentine as excellent new additions to my tunes collection that were introduced to me by S-. Regarding the video above, I still think the singer for Hansel und Gretyl is one of the coolest chicks EVER. The scary thing is that I've been smoking so many cigarettes lately that I can do a pretty passable imitation of her singing voice.

D- "Nickname Not Suitable for Publication on a Blog That is Read by My Mom"
OK, I've never particularly liked techno, but I do have a predilection for pretty much anything super-heavy. So Android Lust has been rocking my world lately, thanks to D- throwing tunes at me until he finally found one that stuck.

It turns out, though that the biggest contributor to my music collection has not been an ex-boyfriend, but rather my little brothers G- and J-. G- actually convinced me that not all country music sucks (Hank III and Shooter Jennings, woot!), and the bands introduced to me by J- over the past 20 years are way to numerous for me to recall.

So take a bow, men in my life past and present. You're not all bad.

Friday, November 14, 2008

News flash: Swedes not always hot

Between the many Swedish metal bands, cartoon Swede Skwisgaar Skwigelf, and my own personal hot Swede encounter in the distant past, I had formed the impression that Swedish guys are a pretty good looking bunch. But then I stumbled upon this website of Swedish dance bands from the 70's and oh my...what a trainwreck. It's more than just the loud-ass outfits with lapels suitable for taking flight; the overall fug is just out of control. Ah, shattered dreams, agains...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All I want are Sun Chips, and all I see are the black skies of R'lyeh!

Just watched "The Call of Cthulu" by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society; wow, what a beautiful movie. You might have to be a Lovecraft nut to really appreciate it, which I certainly am; I've been reading Lovecraft since high school, and about once a year I re-read some of my favorite stories, "The Call of Cthulu" included. The movie is done in black and white, silent film style, with Great Cthulu filmed in stop-motion animation. I think this has just become one of my favorite movies...

By the way, the title of this post is from one of the extra scenes included on the DVD. The actors mostly ad libbed their lines, and sometimes some pretty funny things came out- this was from a scene where young Henry Wilcox is describing his dreams of the sunken city of R'lyeh, where Cthulu lies dead, but dreaming!

Oh, and behold the nerd t-shirts on the HPLHS website- do I need this, do I? Yes, I think I do!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rock Band 2

I am unstoppable!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Undead Sarah Palin

All ready for the Halloween party, you betcha!