Monday, November 12, 2007

Belated Halloween Photos!

Here are Ron and I in costume for a Halloween party we attended this year. Of course Ron is Gene Simmons and I am Paul Stanley from KISS. I have good rock hair these days, so it was easy to tease it into a giant pouf for this costume. Ron wasn't sure about the foil-covered nutcup at first, but I convinced him that it was a necessary part of the costume. Social rules are made to be broken on Halloween. Still, I was shocked to see how much flab I have around my waist when I looked at the pictures we took. You, dear reader, will not be shocked by my flab because I have taken the liberty of Photoshopping it out. If only it were so easy in real life.

My life is still feeling pretty boring lately, but I will try harder to extract something interesting from time to time, to post here.